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Break Bulk Cargo is certainly different from the regular or the standard types of freight that is often imported or exported. These cannot be shipped in the regular sized containers and are often imported or exported as individual pieces. Such types of cargo are often equipment that may be used for construction purposes, heavy machinery, components, steel slabs, packs, yachts, trucks or even cars.

We vouch to offer the specialists who are experienced and skilled enough to handle the transportation of Break Bulk Cargo products. We have partnerships with the leading lines of Break Bulk service providers to help you acquire the international shipping assistance. Oversized cargo and its import or export is very common and Penton Cargo and Customs’ specialists understand the minutest details of the process.

We have access to an excellent network of professionals who can offer flexible services and pricing structures for commercial delivery with a quality guarantee and timely deliveries. Our break bulk shipments are coupled with flexibility and reliability for diverse organizations and individuals in different parts of the world.

There is often a high possibility that you cannot transport your goods from the arrived destination to your own warehouse. In such cases, Penton Cargo and Customs promises to offer the most reliable and secure warehousing services for short and long term both. We can pick the products and pack them securely before you are ready to take them to the right destination.

Many of our former customers have used our warehousing services so they can directly transport the right types of products to the right destinations which may be local, in other states or a different country altogether. We also bring to you third-party logistics services and possess the ability to handle the varied types of transportation and storage facilities. You can rely on us for both general commodities or dangerous/fragile products.